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Welcome to this site, as the games here are provided by Dollygals. When the user puts our website to use, it amounts to the user agreeing upon the Terms of Use stated here. Also, by making use of this site, the user exhibits his/her consent even to the Privacy Policy pertaining to our site.

Terms of Use and Changes

We at Dollygals many effect changes to the stated Terms of Use at our sole discretion and also at any time. By regular visits, and with a click on that of the ‘Terms of Use’, the user can view the current version related to the Terms of Use. It is the responsibility related to the user to make constant check and get periodically updated with the changes, if they are made. With the continual use of the site, the user indicates his acceptance towards the new content pertaining to the Terms of Use.

Your Responsibilities

This website may be put to use for lawful purposes, and the user should avoid submitting or transmitting content, information or other types of materials through this site that is deemed as:

a. Infringing or violating the rights related to others, which includes, but without getting limited to trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret or other forms pertaining to proprietary rights.

b. Threatening, unlawful, harassing, abusive, libelous, defamatory, deceptive, torturous, fraudulent, or contains material related to pornography

c. Impersonating other individuals as that includes the agents and employees of this site

d. Bringing about acts to disrupt, destroy, limit or interrupt the functionality related to any of the computer hardware or software, or other sorts of equipments belonging to this site

e. Acts that amount to violating the guideline, ‘Terms of Use’ and the other policies stated in this site

Age Barrier

If a user makes use of this site, the user confirms that he/she is thirteen years old or even older than that, and the user who falls under thirteen years confirms that the visit to the site is made under the supervision of a legalized guardian or that of a parent. Children falling under the age limit of thirteen years are advised as not to visit the site without the consent of the parent or without direct supervision done by the parents. In case of children falling under this age limit pertaining to thirteen years it happens be the responsibility of such parents to establish contact with us if they don’t fall in line with the child’s agreement related to the ‘Terms of Use’ stated here.


At this site, we strive with our whole hearted commitment to pave way for a friendly as well as for that of a safe environment to all our esteemed users. Also, this site as well as the services rendered here is put to use by staffs, who get employed by our establishment on that of a voluntary basis. It is but the responsibility related to the user as not to give out personal information that may take the form of email address, telephone contact number as well as address among the other details. Children should make sure to take the advice provided by the parents before giving out such information. We would like to bring to the user’s notice about a situation where the user prefers to give out this information, as the user is solely held responsible for the deeds that might occur as when such details are given out. We hold absolute rights for removing some of the content that get posted by some users when it is deemed as that of inappropriate content.

Proprietary rights

We are the sole owners of intellectual property rights related to the design as well as the information found on this site, which comprises of the name related to this site, the feel, the look, the color combination as well as other graphical elements pertaining to this site. This intellectual property gets protected by that of international treaties and other laws as that of trademark, copyright, trade-secret laws as well as patent laws.


We at this, offer this site as is, as we or that of our suppliers doesn’t provide guarantees or even warranties about this site. We also don’t come out with guarantees that claim that our site meets the requirements of the users, or that the site will be reliable, error-free, will not bring forth interruptions, or that the site will be available for users at all times. Any sort of written or that of oral advice or even information from a representative pertaining to this site doesn’t amount to that of a warranty.

Termination related to Authorization

In case of the user breaching these terms, the authorization to make use of this site gets terminated automatically.