Privacy Policy

This privacy policy becomes applicable for the entire site, for all the games as well as for other activities carried out through this site. By putting our website, you exhibit your consent to the practices that are described at this site.

Information We Gather

The information we gather include:

Cookies, IP Address and Web beacons

When visitors pay a visit to this site, the computer’s IP address pertaining to users is saved by the servers automatically. The IP address is gathered alongside the information regarding the visitors’ visit to the different web pages. In case of visitors arriving at the site through a link, the URL related to the linking website also gets collected.

We also store information of certain types from the browsers of the users through the means of cookies. A cookie refers to data that gets stored on that of the computer of the user, and has links to details pertaining to the user. Here we may get necessitated to make use of cookies or web beacons or even technologies of similar kinds, which gets done to personalize as well as enhance the experiences of users as when they visit the site.

Third Party Advertising

At our site, we make use of services related to third parties for serving advertisements as well as for collecting information that is anonymous, as when the visitors pay a visit to this site. These establishments may make use of information that is non-personally identifiable as when the visitors pay a visit to this site for offering advertisements related to services and goods that fall in line with the interest of users. These third party establishments make use of the web beacon or that of a cookie for gathering this information.

Personal data

The users can opt to get registered with us to enjoy better gaming experience, and when the user decides to get registered with us, we gather certain information that is personal, as that of user name, email address and other such relevant details. This information given by the user at his sole discretion can also be accessed publicly. The email addresses of the users are put to use for promoting new games that get added, for administrative purposes and for services mails. Without the consent of the users, the email address of the specific user will not be made visible at this site.

Giving out information

We may offer information to some of the parties, whose services get engaged by us, as we may use them for operations. We also will give out information to certain parties, as when it is required to give out such information under law or owing to a ruling that gets ordered by the law court. We do not give out personal details of the users to various other parties as when it concerns advertising, commercial or even marketing reasons. We give out details only if the users offer explicit permission to do so.

Why we gather information?

We make use of the personal details as well as other information concerning the users for maintaining the personified and general content, and for maintaining the functionality related to the sites. We make use of the gathered details to ensure that the requests of the users are met, and to offer the best of services.


The data that we gather gets stored on that of database servers, and we roll out precautionary measures to maintain the security related to the data. Though we take precautions in this regard, we cannot altogether offer guarantee pertaining to the security related to this data gathered or even information concerning the users.


For users of this site who fall under thirteen years of age, we notify such children as not to give out personal details, which necessarily have to be done only with the consent shown by the parents of such children.


We hold the sole rights to make changes to this Privacy Policy, as it comes into effect as soon as it gets published by the site. The user ought to take note of the changes made by checking the content related to the Privacy Policy at constant intervals.