dollygals is the fastest growing online girl’s games site. Our visitors come from every part of the world, spending time on the site exclusively playing our Quality games.

dollygals now opens its doors to quality Flash game developers who want to showcase their game to the world and make money.

Important Points for Developers

* Game must be Complete and Bug Free.

* Game must contain Dollygals logo (link to in, Game Loader, game page and More Games button in final page (link to

* If you need our logo you can mail us. (You can also request our loader from us via mail)

* If it is high score game and you need high score system in you can contact admin via

* Ideally between 1MB and 3MB in size

* We also prefer simple games like Dress up games, Room Decor Games, etc.,

You also confirm that:

You are the game's legal copyright holder. Game must be completely original and should not infringe on other trademarks, copyrights or intellectual property. We will host the developer’s game on and will have the right to distribute the game to other gaming websites. The game file will not be site locked to

How do I Earn

1) Open an account in CPMstar*,Mochimedia* or Invizads*

2) Get your ad code and follow the instructions

3) Place your ad code in game file

4) Submit your game on our site

5) We publish and spread your games to thousands of gaming sites

6) Your game get played by millions of users

7) More users to your game = More revenue from your ad provider